Stainless Steel Fabrication Shop

Oftentimes, name brand equipment meets all of your specifications, and there is no need to design and build refrigeration or heating products. Whenever appropriate, we install name brand products when those best meet your needs.

Sometimes, however, your requirements are unique. Our in-house metal fabrication facility allows us to design and build products that are the exact fit for your layout and needs. By doing the work in-house, we keep our costs, and yours, low.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to build a variety of products to your exact specifications in a rapid turnaround time. We have all of the welding equipment, high-temperature plasma cutting equipment, and all oxygen and acetylene equipment necessary, in house. HF Refrigeration designs and fabricates equipment such as a variety of exhaust hoods, inspection doors, sinks, counter tops, and steam generator vessels.